Payroll Solutions

A streamlined approach to payroll for small, medium, and large businesses.

Payroll That Performs

Trust our partner ADP to develop a customized payroll system that fits your firm’s needs and budget. Increase accuracy, elevate efficiency and free your staff to focus on core business initiatives.

Our convenient and secure online payroll service not only saves you time, it helps you control IT costs, reduce your administrative load, and maintain compliance. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a partner that is Canada’s leading payroll product!

Direct Deposit

Produce fast, accurate payrolls every time and make your payroll and its maintenance simple, affordable and hassle free.

  • Deposit pay directly into your employees’ accounts and no more paper cheques
  • Have the option to make deposits into one or two bank accounts per employee

Online Pay Statements

  • TeamPayby ADP®is a cloud-based solution, so you can log in wherever your busy day takes you
  • Your team can see their pay statements and tax forms from almost any device using the mobile app

Tax Filing

  • ADP will calculate and remit your payroll taxes for you

Complimentary Needs Analysis

  • ADP will understand your business, your employees and your payroll process to deliver efficiencies and provide a more customized solution

Help Reduce Your Risk

  • ADP helps you comply with ever-changing legislation
  • Avoid penalties for late or incorrect remittances
  • Electronic Record of Employment submission

*All Information Supplied by Our Partner – ADP