HR Solutions

HR tools to help small business owners manage risk and rest easy.

People management essentials at your fingertips

Stay informed and up-to-date on what you need to know to manage your employees and minimize employer risks, and:

  • Learn the HR basics easily on the portal to help you better manage your business—expertise available 24/7
  • Access a vast library of customizable HR templates (such as job descriptions, offer letters, and much more)
  • Receive regular HR and related compliance updates, straight to your inbox

Employee Handbook—adapted to meet your business needs

Set your expectations and ground rules for your employees to help protect your business with a solution that:

  • Generates handbooks for employees to review and acknowledge
  • Will help you easily create an Employee Handbook for your specific needs by allowing you to select best practices based on your location (i.e. province/territory) and industry
  • Allows you to refresh your handbooks, when needed, with updated policies

HR Helpdesk—help secure your business with trusted expertise

Get one-on-one support from experienced HR professionals that can help you navigate your responsibilities as an employer and reduce HR risks:

  • Receive guidance from experienced HR professionals
  • Our experienced HR professionals can save you time by helping you find the answers you’re looking for

*All Information Supplied by Our Partner – ADP