About RGR Consulting Inc.

Located in the growing City of Lethbridge, Alberta on 3rd Avenue South, we are easy to access – right in the middle of the business district of Lethbridge. We provide consulting solutions to positively impact any business through multi-channel communications. Our large facility allows us to offer an array of specialized services to our clients.

The objective of RGR Consulting is to streamline business and maximize efficiencies. Our expertise is a foundation provided to many clients. Backed by exceptional partner companies. Robert and Ron Gregson provide unparalleled expertise in the Full Service, Print Media Business. Their experience operating a Lethbridge Alberta Iconic printing business Paramount Printers Ltd. spans more than 70years.

As a Partner with Robert and Ron Gregson of Paramount Printers Ltd and RGR Consulting. David Elton started his career in 1989, since that time he has provided client solutions with Traditional Print Media, IT Solutions, Merchant Services, Payroll and HR solutions, Investment, Life and Health Industries.

David has spent many years in a Business Development Management role, with business acumen that spans 30 years education encompassing Business and Financial industries. Robert, Ron Gregson and David Elton have spent their entire career providing value to clients in Canada and the USA.


Robert W Gregson

President & CEO

David K Elton

Sr Consultant

Court Gregson

Creative Consultant